Bikram Yoga Centennial Hills

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Here @ BY Centennial Hills, we heat our yoga room using ENERJOY RADIANT PANELS- the cleaner & GREENER way! Here’s how:

The unique requirement of 105°F/40°C is easily attained with long wave ENERJOY Radiant Panels…without any noise, dust, air movement or temperature fluctuations associated with other forms of heat.  It safely and quietly heats thousands of practitioners just as comfortably as the sun heats the earth.

The health benefits and relaxation experienced in the non-allergenic, far infrared radiantly heated environment ENERJOY provides is a hallmark of the ENERJOY Hot Yoga environmental design experience.  Here’s why:

  • ENERJOY Radiant Heat works with the laws of physics – not against them. Radiant heat heats objects in its path which reradiate the heat to other objects, which then reradiate heat to the air.   This is how the sun heats the earth.  (Notice how much warmer you feel standing in direct sunlight, as opposed to a shaded area under a tree.)  This is different from a convective system, which heats air. ENERJOY Radiant Panels heat in the long wave far infrared spectrum.
  • Maintain uniform temperature with ENERJOY Heat…wall to wall, ceiling to floor.  Since radiant heat heats objects, there is no air to blow and no stratification of hot or cold air pockets.  Once air is heated, it becomes lighter and rises.  Then, as it cools down, it contributes to the cycle of cool drafts. This is what happens with forced air and baseboard systems. No mechanically heated air movement means no ‘cold blow’ effect, no distribution of unhealthy bacteria or allergens and no dust.  ENERJOY radiant heat is hypoallergenic.
  • Glass is opaque to ENERJOY long wave radiance.  This means ENERJOY heat is radiated back into the studio.
  • Gainful use of all floor space since the ENERJOY heat is on the ceiling. This makes the entire studio space us useable, yet zoned to address individual needs.


Our 1,500 square ft yoga room is carpeted with a high performance carpet provided by Shaw Contract Group. Carpet is one of the lowest emitters of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) among building materials. All of Shaw carpet products are CRI Green Label or Green Label Plus certified. The Ultra loc backing on our carpet possesses an impermeable moisture barrier, inhibiting microorganism growth. Choosing a carpet system with antimicrobial properties can further inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi. Shaw performance broadloom backings offer antimicrobial protection by creating a zone of inhibition. Currently, carpet is the only approved flooring for any affiliated Bikram Yoga studio; we stand by this requirement and want to provide our students with nothing by the best quality materials for their practice needs.


Heat and humidity are two vital parts in a Bikram yoga class. That is why here at BY Centennial Hills, we equipped the room with a humidification system provided by Nortec. This state of the art humidifier is designed for precise humidity, which is ideal for changing environments like a Bikram yoga class (where every student’s body already generates heat and moisture). The Nortec system responds quickly to these changes while maintaining the relative humidity set point. Additionally, the steam produced is blown and distributed evenly throughout the yoga room creating an optimal, constant healing environment no matter your location in the room.